PlayStation Installation Literally Shocks People

I’m a big fan of creative installations for products that make sense. This install for InFAMOUS: Second Son challenges people to insert their fingers into a machine for a chance to win a free copy of the game. This installation is a great example of a real life marketing tool that gets people talking and generating entertaining content. Do you think you’d be able to win game?

How I Use Technology to Help Track My Baby’s Routine

It’s now been 6 weeks since I’ve officially been a parent. This is a fact that still blows my mind and the work that goes into it is VERY real.

Reuben at 4 weeks

Reuben at 4 weeks


My days and nights have been filled with feeds, diaper changes, settling baby, and lots of laughs. I wish I could say that I’ve finally gotten the hang of being a parent but the truth is, every week is a different experience. This is why I decided to turn to technology to help me manage my day.

The app store has a number of great tools for parents to track their baby’s behaviour including sleeps, diaper changes, and feeds. Identifying emerging patterns can help to ease the parenting daily grind in the long run. One such app that I’ve been using is called “Eat, Sleep”. This application allows users to log the length of feeds and sleeps throughout the day. The app also tracks daily, weekly, and monthly averages. From this information I was able to see that our baby usually wakes up at 12am, 3am, and 5am for feeds. I was also able to track the number of diaper changes giving me a good idea of how much we’ll need to budget for baby diaper costs.

The downside of using these apps is that constant updating is required. Sometimes I’ve been too tired to find my phone at 3am to log diaper changes and feeds. For people who are zombies during the witching hour (like myself), this can be a challenge. It really takes commitment to develop an archive of data that can help you better understand your baby’s behaviour.

Parents, have you tried using similar apps? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Why I’m obsessed with

Recently my fiance pointed out that a lot of my conversations with him have started with the words “I was on reddit today and saw/learned [insert awesome piece of content here]“. I just can’t help it! As many people on the net know, reddit is an amazing resource for relevant content. Along with some of the most interesting content, the site maintains a sense of community that has been lost in recent years across many social media sites in my opinion. Now I know a number of my friends and colleagues frequent reddit but I keep coming across people who kind of know about the site but just don’t get it. They are why I’m writing this blog.

reddit-logoMost people’s first impression of the website is that it looks outdated and overwhelming. I get it, reddit is not your typical beautifully designed website. But that’s not what it’s about. It’s about the content. I think the best way that I can describe the value of reddit is by giving you an overview of how I use it. Here goes!

For a while, I was not quite sure how to approach reddit so I stuck to the front page, that’s where all the site’s most popular content gets posted across all the sub communities/pages. From here I’d mostly lurk to review the content I was most interested in reading and upvoted or downvoted content based on my opinion of its value. This is a key component to the site. It helps to maintain the integrity of the posted content and rewards community members for good/interesting posts.

Then I decided to venture off and began subscribing to subreddits, niche reddit pages/communities categorised by a specific interest or hobby. There are SO many subreddits that most people are bound to find something that they’re interested in following.

Here’s my list of interests and subreddits I follow:

I also got a chance to participate in the 2013 Reddit Gifts Secret Santa. It’s one of the largest secret santa gift exchanges in the world. It was very satisfying using my internet stalking skills to get my secret santa recipient exactly what he wanted. Still waiting for my gift to arrive *fingers crossed*.

Now I’ve just scratched the surface here but I hope this give you a nice overview of how awesome reddit is. There are more subreddits to discover and one of the best things that I love about reddit is contributing to the community and receiving that positive feedback or response from others.

Have you used reddit? How do you go about using it? Share your experience!

The Rules Have Changed, What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook for 2014

The Rules Have Changed, What Marketers Need to Know About Facebook for 2014

During 2013 Facebook has made some major changes to their newfeed’s algorithm. These changes have cause an overall decline in organic reach for Facebook pages. Companies who’ve build large fan bases on their brand Facebook page have to really begin spending money the reach the majority of fans.

Jump on Mashable (click on the orange link above) to learn more and be prepared in 2014!

Digital Trends Predictions for 2014 by SoDA

It’s that time of year when all the thought leaders of the digital industry begin publishing their predictions on the hottest and newest trends of 2014. Below is a SlideShare from SoDA rounding up their insights including essays, case studies, and much more.

The Ultimate PS4 FAQ Guide is Here

The Ultimate PS4 FAQ Guide is Here

Sony has released a massive FAQ’s list on their blog answering several questions concerning the Playstation 4.

Some good news make made it onto the list is the ability to play used Playstation 4 games. This was a big concern for gamers in this latest next generation console war.

Some bad news for gamers included no support for external hard drives and that it does not support backwards compatibility for PS3, PS2, and PS one games.

More to come soon as we get closer to the release date.